26 January 2023

Borjour Eger Superior

At the Borjour event held at the end of January in the town of Eger, the wine-loving community can get to know the best of Eger Wine District, presented in a prestigious venue of Budapest.

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The following top wine producers from Eger will present their Egri Csillag Superior, Egri Bikavér Superior, Grand Superior and other superior wines to the public:


- Böjt Winery

- Bukolyi Marcell

- Gál Lajos Winery

- Gál Tibor Winery

- Gárdonyi 100 Egri Csillag Superior community wine

- Gergely Bástya Winery

- Hárs Cellar, Debrő - István Gecse

- Juhász Brothers Winery

- Kovács Nimród Winery

- Petrény Winery

- Rege Estate

- Soltész Wine Estate

- St. Andrea Vineyard

- Stumpf Winery

- Szuromi Family Winery

- Tarjányi Cellar

- Thummerer Winery

- Ferenc Tóth Winery

- Tóth and Tóth Debrői Wines

- Varsányi Winery



More information about the event on the organiser's website.

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