02 February 2023

Furmint February Grand Tasting 2023

The impressive venue of the Heritage House in Buda will host the tasting event returning in 2023 again.

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In February, restaurants, wine merchants and wine bars all over the country - and even beyond our borders - will put Furmint in the spotlight. The highlight of the month-long series of events will be the Furmint February Grand Tasting, which will be held for the 13th time in 2023.



An impressive number of producers will be represented at the Furmint-themed event. Visitors can discover the wines of the following wineries: Angyal Winery and Wine Estate, Árvay Family Winery, Babits Winery, Balassa Winery, Barnabás Winery, Somló, Basilicus Winery, Béres Winery, Bodrog Wine Estate, Bott Winery, Budaházy Fekete Kúria, Csite Family Winery, Demetervin, Disznókő, Dobogó Winery, Dorogi Brothers Winery, Erzsébet Winery, Espák Winery, Folyékony Múlt Kft. , Frikker Cellar, Füleky Winery, Gilvesy Winery, Gizella Cellar, Count Degenfeld Vineyard, H-Square Cellar, Harsányi Winery, Heidrich Cellar, Holdvölgy, Kardos Winery, Kolonics Winery Somló, Mad Wine, Maison aux Pois, Montium, Oroszlános Winery, Attila Orsolyák, Pálffy Vineyards and Winery, Palkó Wines, Patricius Winery, Paulay Winehouse, Paunoch Estate, Pelle Winery, Pendits Vineyards and Winery, Péter Winery, Préselő Winery, Royal Tokaji, Rózsa Winery, Sagmeister, Samuel Tinon Tokaj, SanzonTokaj, Sauska, Serpens Wine, Somlói vándor, Steigler Winery, Szélkiáltó Winery, Szent Donát Winery, Szignárovits-Maka Winery, Szűcs Winery, Tokaj Kikelet, Tokaj Oremus, Tokaj-Hétszőlő Bio Estate, Tokajicum Wine House, TokajIM, Zsirai Winery


More information on the organiser's Facebook page.

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