18 March 2023

Gastro Hill in Badacsony

Badacsony Wine District


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The event series Gasztrohegy (ie. Gastro Hill in Hungarian) proves that Badacsony offers recreational opportunities not only during the summer bustle, but also outside the main season. The hill and the entire landscape show a different face at this time of the year and a more quiet, yet no less exciting way to discover the area.

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It is Badacsony's most authentic gastro event from October to April, when the emphasis is on inspiring walks, good wines, encounters and delicious new flavours. Spend an unforgettable weekend in Badacsony and taste the dishes of the themed weekends! A range of restaurants, local flavours and inspiration - the dishes are tasting portions, so you can roam the hill and visit more places during the day.



During this weekend of events, called "Marhaságok" (pun on the word “beef”), the focus will be on beef specialities and excellent Badacsony wines.


Detailed information on Gasztrohegy tickets, booking and the venues of the March event on the organisers' Facebook site.

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