18 July 2024

Glass of Jazz Summer Szeged

Taste and enjoy Szeged’s most exciting wine tasting and jazz concert.

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An event where lovers of fine wine can get together with lovers of jazz music and experience together why the two make a perfect pair. All of this in the heart of Szeged, in a truly high-quality venue, this time tuned to jazz – and on this night, wine too.



Gedeon Estate (Kunság)

Harsányi Winery (Tokaj)

Heumann Winery (Villány)

Katona Wine House & Wine Club - Előtérben A Bor (Wine in the Foreground) (Balatonboglár)

Korózs Estate and Winery (Eger)

Labor Winery (Szekszárd)

Mádi A Borbirtok (Tokaj)

Páger Cellar (Mátra)

Palkó Zsolt Winery (Badacsony)

Rábai Katalin Winery (Neszmély)

Spontán Cellar (Mór)

Ujvári Winery (Csongrád)



Finemarket – craft products webshop

Barankai Csaba Dél-Alföldi Mézesháza - honeys

Kenderbolt – handicraft products



BLUES MD (Dani Szebényi & Mike Gotthard)

The Blues MD is the amazing duo of Artisjus, Petőfi and Joy of Music award-winning keyboardist Dániel Szebényi and Joy of Music and Tamás Barta award-winning guitar virtuoso Mihály Gotthárd, aka Mike Gotthard.



Following in the footsteps of their great predecessors, the instrumental jazz-funk quartet’s programme is characterised by tight grooves, jazzy harmonies and an energetic performance style.

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