26 April 2024

I. Social Wine Tasting - #Hashtag Neszmély & Villány’s two faces

During the wine tasting, #Hashtag Neszmély and REDy wines from Villány will be presented.

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What is community wine? It is a brand of wine whose rules are set by the winemakers themselves, so that they can work together to showcase the unique values of their wine region with wines of similar style.


On 26 April 2024, the first Social Wine Tasting will be held at the Hági in the town Szeged. All of this will be accompanied by a wine dinner with gastronomy, while #Hashtag Neszmély wines from the Neszmély Wine District and REDy wines from Villány will be presented.


During the evening, several wineries from these wine districts will participate, so there will be no shortage of flavours, aromas and experiences.


26.04.2024 (Friday) 17:00-22:00






Menu A (vegetarian)

Seasonal vegetable pastry with chive hollandaise sauce

Ratatouille stuffed peppers with basil dried tomato cream and bulgur


Menu B

Catfish sushi with ginger soy sauce

Chicken breast wrapped in ham with buttery batata puree

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