2021. December 04.

Red Balaton 2021

Though the vineyards around Lake Balaton are dominated by white grapes, the red wines made here are also remarkable. Before the phylloxera blight the share of black grapes was even higher and fortunately the popularity of indigenous and international black grape varieties is on the rise again.

The Bordeaux varieties, Syrah and Kékfrankos are the most widely planted varieties but you will also find Pinot Noir, Zweigelt, and even such relative rarities as Malbec or Sangiovese. The mineral rich soils, the sunlight reflected by the Lake’s surface resulting in a warmer microclimate are conducive to the optimal ripening of grapes and thus to producing exciting reds.

The 7th edition of Red Balaton is a celebration of black grapes, an endorsement of traditions and an expression of faith in the future by the participating wineries. The event is hosted by the Jásdi Wine Terrace.

Participating wineries: Figula Cellars, Homola Cellars, Jásdi Cellars, Káli Kövek, Kislaki Wine Workshop, Pálffy Cellars, Petrányi Cellars, Szent Donát Wine Mansion, Villa Tolnay, Zelna Winery

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