22 July 2024

Sparkling Walkaround Tasting

Budapest (Outside of the Wine Region)

Winehub, 1036 Budapest, Pacsirtamező u. 41-43.

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From 16:00

The summer’s most bubbly tasting in Óbuda, with a wide range of local and foreign producers.

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Bubbles and summer go hand in hand. On 22 July, the summer’s most bubbly tasting will take place in Óbuda. Prosecco, sparkling wine, frizzante, cava and something to suit all tastes will be available from a wide range of domestic and foreign producers.

And for true connoisseurs, there will also be a Champagne section, which can be enjoyed with tickets purchased on site.


Hungarian producers:

Androsics Estate and wine terrace

Budaházy-Fekete Kúria

Haraszthy Winery


Debreczeni Winery

Koch Winery

Nyilas Estate

Pajzos Tokaj Winery

Steigler Winery

Tokaj Drei T3

Zichy Anna


Foreign producers:

Anna Spinato (Italy)

Devaux Champagne (France)

Pitars (Italy)

Neethlingshof (South Africa)

Klipfel (France)

Moillard Grivot (France)

Chateau de Montgueret (France)

Miquel Pons (Spain)

Jacquart Champagne (France)

Valduga (Brazil)


Glasses will be available at the event subject to the payment of a glass deposit fee of 2,000 HUF


Cut&Barrel’s house specialty, a freshly prepared charcuterie platter, will be available to purchase throughout the evening. Authentic empanadas and magic FRIES will also be on the menu.


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