21 January 2023

St Vincent Day in Villány

Villány Wine District


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Producers in Villány are paying tribute to the St Vincent Day traditions with a colourful event showcasing the entire wine district.

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Local winemakers and gastro producers will offer special morning, afternoon and evening programmes for wine enthusiasts of the Villány Wine District.


During the day, we will tour the region by bus and enjoy traditions related to St Vincent Day. Several itineraries are available, so that all guests can enjoy an unforgettable winter landscape experience, accompanied by exciting games, delicious wines and tasty snacks."

During the day, visitors will have the opportunity to discover barrel-aged wines that are not yet on the market. The participating wineries are Gergen Estate, Mokos Winery, Polgár Winery and Bock Winery.

After exploring the Villány Wine District, there could not be a more fitting end to the day than an excellent dinner. Polgár Winery and the SárgaHáz Wine Cellar are also offering a special Vince Day dinner.

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