27 April 2024

VIII. Szolnok Wine Festival

Almost forty wineries will present their wineries' masterpieces in Szolnok, during a walking tasting.

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The VIII Szolnok Wine Festival will be held on 27 April 2024. Nearly 40 wineries will present their winery's masterpieces in a walking tasting. More than 200 wines and sparkling wines - offered personally by the winemakers - can be tasted with the purchase of a ticket.



Béres Vineyard and Winery

Belward Winery

Bock Winery

Borbély Family Winery

Büttner Winery

Dubicz Winery and Vineyard

5Dudás Winery

DUKA Winery & Vineyard

EgerSoul Winery & Vineyard

ÉKKŐ Winery

Éliás Estate

Fecske Cellar

Geönczeöl Cellar

Grand Tokaj Winery

21Hordó Winery

JACKFALL Wine Manufactory

Balázs Káli Winery

Koch Winery

Kővágó Cellar and Vineyard

Gyula Kúcs Winery

Lingvay Winery

Naár Family Winery and Vineyard

NATARA Sparkling Wines

Maison aux Pois

Pósta Wine House

René's Wine Heaven

RUSTICA Wine Cellar

Simigh Family Winery

Szőke Mátyás and Zoltán Winery

Tóth Wine Estate

Tóth Ferenc Winery

Tringa Wine Cellar

Velin Winery

Vincellér Wine Estate

Virág Cellar

Werner Cellar

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