20 January 2023 - 22 January

Vince Day cellar tour Pannonhalma

Pannonhalma Wine District

Pannonhalma, Vár 1, 9090

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If January, then it's National Vince Day (Saint Vincent’s Day, celebrated on the 22nd of January). In 2023, the wineries of the wine district are once again celebrating this traditional event with an attracting festival.

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The producers of the Pannonhalma Wine District will welcome visitors with a colourful wine list and open cellars at the end of January. St Vincent (Vince in Hungarian) is the patron saint of winemakers, and according to the traditions, pruning of the vines is made on Vince Day, to predict the harvest of that year. The shoots must be soaked in water - and the quantity of buds that appear will give an indication of the yield for that year. Nowadays, of course, vine-growers have much more sophisticated forecasting techniques, but the tradition is still alive - providing wine lovers with a great opportunity to enjoy related festivities at the beginning of the year.

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