14 June 2024 - 16 June

Wine Triathlon in Badacsony / Kéknyelű Weekend

Badacsony Wine District


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14 June 2024, 14:00 - 16 June 2024, 16:00

As part of the Bortriathlon series of events, you can now actively get involved in tasting three iconic varieties of the Badacsony wine region.

Badacsony Wine District


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14 June 2024, 14:00 - 16 June 2024, 16:00
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At the participating wineries, the winemaker personally pours the wine and, of course, tells you all about it. Not only about the wines, but also about their history, family, trade secrets and pride. Over the course of a weekend, guests can taste a total of eighteen different types of Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Riesling at nine wineries. You can do this individually from Friday afternoon to Sunday, or by buying a season ticket on Saturday, when you can take a free shuttle service to the nine cellars.



Friday from 14h00 to 20h00

Saturday from 10am to 8pm (shuttle service on Saturday, but only for season ticket holders!)

Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm





1st Istvándy Wine Cellar

Wine tasting: Kékderű 2021, Kékderű 2020

Wine tasting: Homemade pumpkin beer scones

Wine triathlon programme: Bormozi


2. Németh Cellar

Wine tasting: Kéknyelű 2023, Kéknyelű Szerintem 2022

Wine tasting: Gourmet platter of homemade cheese and ham, liver pâté, fresh sourdough bread


3.Éliás Birtok

Wine tasting: the stone remains Blue Nose 2022, Up on the hill Blue Nose 2020

Up on the hill: Rosemary-olive flatbread

Wine triathlon programme.


4.Málik Cellar

Wine tasting: Kéknyelű 2021, Kéknyelű 2022,

Wine tasting: Sausage scones, cheese sticks




5. Fata Winery

Wine tasting: Kéknyelű 2022., Kéknyelű 2021.

Wine tasting: Szegi Family Farm 

Bortriathlon programme:

Wine Triathlon menu at the Wine Friends restaurant:

Main course: fillet of toothfish steamed in chamomile tea, black radish fried in butter, cream of parsnip, walnuts

Dessert: almond sponge cake, condensed almond milk, pear

+ 1 glass of wine

Menu price: 7.680,-/person


6.Borbély Family Winery

Wine tasting: Badacsony Kéknyelű selection 2021 - Winelovers Wine Awards silver medal; Tomaj - Badacsony Rózsakő-Olas Riesling-Kéknyelű 2023

Wine-tasting: delectable snacks with sourdough bread

Wine triathlon programme: home-made smoked delicacies from our pantry with sourdough bread and a choice of 3 wines from our wine list at a discounted price




7. Válibor-Váli Péter's Winery

Wine tasting: Kéknyelű 2023, 1 wine of your choice

Wine tasting: 2 slices of oven-baked langallo

Wine triathlon programme:

Regional flavours tasting: tasting of 6-7 wines and a cold platter rich in local delicacies with 3-4 hot and cold tapas, price: 9.900 HUF/person.

Oven feast: tasting of 8-9 wines, cold platter with 3-4 hot and cold tapas and oven main course, price: 13.900 HUF/person. Dessert with dessert wine price: 2.900 Ft/person, dessert price: 1.900 Ft/person.

Both programmes require advance booking.


8. Sipos Wine House

Wine tasting: Balaton Afternoon 2022, Badacsony Kéknyelű 2022.

Wine tasting: 2 kinds of dipping sauce, with bread baked on the spot (also GM version), fresh vegetables



9. Büttner Winery

Wine tasting: Kéknyelű 2021, Kéknyelű 2020

Wine tasting: Home-made cheese 

with homemade cream, pizza bread

Wine triathlon programme:

Menu offer at Vulcanus Pizza Bar:

Summer pumpkin salad, smoked trout from Tapolca 3.990,- Ft

Watermelon gazpacho 2.990,- Ft

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