Badacsony Wine District

1. day tour

Ábrahámhegy and Salföld lie on the border of the Badacsony and the Balaton Highlands wine districts, yet we suggest you take a quick look around them. Start your day with a visit to Salföld Manor, where you can not only discover the streets of farmhouses, mostly built in their original form, but also learn about the region’s native animals and agricultural tools. On the edge of Salföld, there is a sea of stones, dotted with thyme and juniper, which is nothing other than the remnants of the bottom of the Pannonian Sea.

Walk along the Blue Trail to the Theodora educational trail and taste its mineral water, already enjoyed by Empress Theodora. Visit the four exhibition halls of Ábrahámhegy’s Cultural Centre, which boasts local history exhibitions and the works of artists living in the village and the surrounding area. Spend your afternoon and evening on Szent-György Hill, another, more beautiful volcanic butte further away from Lake Balaton. A wonderful panorama will unfold before you as you wander between the old press houses and rows of vines, where it’s as if time has stood still!

The Baroque chapel built on the hillside by the Lengyel family will be familiar to many from photos. Walk up to here, then hike to the basalt organs and interesting rock formations. And, of course, do some tasting, sip some wine, relax in one of the cellars or on one of the wine terraces on the hill, or even spend the night here in one of the guest houses.

2. day tour

In the morning, visit the Pond Cave (Tavasbarlang) in Tapolca and, after some underground boating, take a stroll overground in the town centre. The shores of the Mill Lake and the surrounding area are simply stunning! Then visit the St Anthony Wine Museum, the cellar of a former Jewish wine merchant.

After lunch, visit the First Hungarian Spectacle Collection in Diszel, which features contemporary works, or simply bathe and take a dip in the Tapolca thermal bath. Climb up to the Csobánc Castle in Gyulakeszi, where you will have a beautiful view of the vineyards and the surrounding volcanic buttes. In the evening, enjoy a wine dinner in Gyulakeszi or Káptalantóti, but make sure you book in advance!

3. day tour

Start the day in Badacsonylábdihegy. You can learn about the wildlife, geology and cultural history of the Badacsony area in the interactive exhibition halls of the Ecotourism Visitor Centre or take a guided tour and discover more about basalt volcanism and the secrets of its mining past. You can also rent a kayak or canoe to explore the reeds’ wildlife along the shore from the water.

Visit the unusual grape press collection in Badacsonytördemic as well as the memorial site to basalt mining in the courtyard of the Village Hall. Bid farewell to the wine district by calling into another winery and buying a few bottles of your favourite wines to take home.

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