Bükk Wine District

1. day tour

In the morning, head north and visit Edelény in the Sajó Valley, bearing in mind that it will take more than an hour to visit the country’s most beautiful early Baroque building, the L’Huillier-Coburg Palace. From here, head to Virág Hill on the edge of Edelény for some wine tasting in the cellars of a local winery.

Afterwards, visit the Diósgyőr Castle and the Orthodox Church Museum. Miskolc city centre is also worth a stroll, then have lunch and enquire after theatre tickets for an evening performance at the Miskolc Theatre. In the afternoon, you can relax in the unique Cave Bath in Miskolctapolca to recharge your batteries for the evening and a walk on Avas Hill, where you can visit a local winery and taste some Miskolc wines, which are currently undergoing a renaissance.


2. day tour

In the morning, visit the ruins of Ónod Castle and the memorial site of the Battle of Muhi, both important places in Hungarian history. Then be sure to stop at the Pittyén vineyard in Nyékládháza for a wine tasting, before visiting Tibolddaróc, which boasts cellars carved into the tuff, small family and large wineries, palaces and delicious sparkling wines.

And as you are here, make sure you climb up to the lookout too, where there is a lovely view of the valley and the village with verdant vineyards behind you.

Spend the evening in the pools of the Zsóry Bath in Mezőkövesd and then in one of the nearby restaurants. Spend the night in the area if you can.


3. day tour

In the morning, visit the Matyó Museum and the Hadas district in Mezőkövesd and then visit a cellar in the Berezdalja cellar row in Cserépfalu to taste the local wines. After the tasting, walk up to the Millennium Lookout Tower, pop into the former cave dwellings on the way and then head for Bogács where you can enjoy lunch.

Then spend the afternoon relaxing in the pools of the Bogács Thermal Bath. Dine in Bogács too before leaving.


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