Mátra Wine Disctrict

1. day tour

In the morning, visit the former forced labour camp in Recsk (now the National Memorial) on the northern side of the Mátra, then head to the Cifra Stables and Carriage Museum in Parádfürdő, before stopping off for lunch in Parádsasvár. From here, go by bus or car to Galyatető, where you can enjoy a coffee and the view from the terrace of the large hotel, before climbing up to the renovated lookout on Péter Hill and discovering perhaps the most modern tourist house in the country. Afterwards, take a short walk in the woods if you fancy!

Then walk down the hill and stop off for a short sightseeing tour of Gyöngyös, before rounding off the day with a wine tasting dinner at a winery in Gyöngyöstarján.


2. day tour

In the morning, visit Sirok Castle, then head to Abasár and enjoy a short wine tasting in an Abasár winery. After that, climb up Sár Hill to St Anne’s Chapel. Have lunch in Gyöngyös, before heading to Gyöngyöspata, where you can first visit the 12th-century Catholic church and its unique work, the Jesse Altar, which depicts Jesus’s family tree.

Then enjoy a wine dinner in a Gyöngyöspata winery. It’s worth booking accommodation in the village too.


3. day tour

In the morning, head to Hatvan and begin a full day’s programme by first visiting Hatvan Game Park on Szúnyog Island.

Afterwards, it’s worth making a detour to the Zsigmond Széchenyi Carpathian Basin Hungarian Hunting Museum, not only because of its beautiful historic building, the Grassalkovich Palace, but also because of the rich exhibition and interactive activities it houses. There are many restaurants to choose from in the centre of Hatvan, and then end the day in a worthy way by calling into the winery in Nagygombos to bid the Mátra Wine District farewell with locally produced wines.


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