Mór Wine District

1. day tour

In the morning, enjoy a stroll along the cellar row in Mór, where the traditional German press houses rub shoulders with numerous huge buildings almost reminiscent of classicist mansions. Afterwards, visit a winery in Mór and try to learn as much as possible about the wine district’s iconic variety, Ezerjó, during the tasting.

Afterwards, visit the Lamberg Palace and the Capuchin Church and monastery, before heading to Csókakő Castle and enjoying its wonderful views. Then continue to Fehérvárcsurgó, where you can wander for hours in the 50-hectare ancient, wooded garden and arboretum of the former Károlyi Palace. You can even stay the night here and enjoy a wonderful wine dinner in the palace.

2. day tour

In the morning, jump in the car and head to the Camaldolese hermitage in Majkpuszta. The Camaldolese monks, who had taken a vow of silence, cultivated herbs in front of their former cell houses. The herb garden has been revived, so you can also taste some herbal tea here.

Then visit the Bauxite Geological Park in Gánt, where a Martian landscape will unfold before your eyes, and end the trip in Csákvár, where you can stroll around the Esterházy Palace gardens. Return to Mór in the afternoon, then dedicate the rest of the day to Mór and its wines. Walk around the vineyards, call into some cellars and enjoy a wine dinner.

3. day tour

In the morning, visit a large Mór winery and taste their range, before heading to Székesfehérvár. The coronation church, the main Basilica of the Assumption, which was extended by King Matthias, can today only be found in the Ruin Garden.

Nearby, you will find the Globus Cruciger and the City Hall, Hiemer House, which houses the Hetedhét Toy Museum, the Bishop’s Palace, the King Matthias Monument, the Black Eagle Pharmacy Museum and the City Gallery, which boasts a permanent exhibition but also organises wonderful temporary exhibitions. After lunch, bid the wine district farewell with a relaxing bathe at the Árpád Bath.


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