Nagy-Somló Wine District

1.day tour

In the morning, explore Somló Hill, the wine district’s characteristic volcanic formation, which many refer to as “the hat that God left behind”. Walk along the steep roads through the vineyards, marvel at the tiny press houses and richly decorated gabled, former noble buildings, visit a small family winery for a tasting or relax on the hill’s only permanently open terrace at the popular little wine shop, which sells all the producers’ wines.

Afterwards, have lunch at the foot of the hill in a winery restaurant and then visit the birthplace of Dániel Berzsenyi, now a museum. After this cultural visit, return to the hill and climb up towards the gleaming golden spire of St Ilona’s Chapel, before visiting another winery and enjoying a wine tasting. If you still have time, head over to St Margaret’s Chapel and walk through the nine stops on the Kitaibel educational trail.

Round off the day at the modern winery at the foot of the hill, where you can also discover Somló traditional method sparkling wine as well as enjoy a real gastronomic experience for dinner, even paired with local still and sparkling wines, as a farewell to Somló Hill.

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