Nagy-Somló Wine District

1. day tour

Visit the lesser-known part of the wine district around Ság Hill and immerse yourself in the realm of volcanoes. It’s worth taking a few hours to visit the town of Celldömölk; its old town is very beautiful, while the parish church of the Virgin Mary also boasts Dorfmeister frescoes.

Walk to the Benedictine monastery building, the Mary Fountain and the Calvary. After sightseeing, visit the Kemenes Volcano Park, the only volcanology exhibition in the country, then walk or take a taxi to Ság Hill and round off the day by discovering the wines of one of the small local cellars.


2. day tour

Remain in the Celldömölk area. Ság Hill on the edge of the town is the westernmost member of the Balaton Highlands volcanic buttes, so-called ‘Witness Mountains’. A geological and ornithological nature trail on the hill invites you to hike or you can climb to the top of the hill and visit the Trianon memorial site. The whitewashed stone cross is Hungary’s tallest (19.5 metres); the Trianon cross was inaugurated in 1934. You are also promised a beautiful view.

You can then soak away your tiredness at the Vulcan Spa in Celldömölk, where you can enjoy various treatments and massages or just relax in the beautiful quiet thermal bath. In the afternoon, head to Somló Hill, where its many wineries ensure you are spoilt for choice as to which to visit.


3. day tour

Spend the morning on the hill, walking, tasting wine or maybe visiting a palinka distillery. You can visit the villages on the northern side of Somló Hill, the Roman Catholic church of Somlószőlős, with the Zichy family crypt on one side, and the former Zichy Palace, which is still impressive even in its dilapidated state. You can stop at the former classicist Erdődy palace, which can only be viewed from the outside, as it is now a sanatorium. It is also worth visiting Herend if time allows.

You can already see from afar the imposing complex of buildings that has housed the Porcelanium Visitor Centre since 1999. You can learn about the history and making of world-renowned porcelain, visit the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions of the Museum of Porcelain Art and can even try porcelain painting yourself in the Minimanufactory! You can also have dinner in the Visitor Centre’s restaurant before leaving this unique wine district.


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