Pannonhalma Wine District

1. day tour

Spend most of the day exploring Győr. The baroque and classicist buildings of the old town, Győr’s Danube bank, the view from Káptalandomb, the restaurants and confectioneries, the churches, the canoe and kayak rental points on the waterfront and the Basilica are some of the city’s most interesting sights.

The Basilica is home to one of Hungary’s most significant sacral monuments, the St Ladislaus Herm, the only authentic depiction of an Árpád House king. Győr boasts two free beaches where you can refresh yourself during the summer heat, one on the banks of the Rába, the other on the Mosoni-Danube.

The Achilles resort on the shores of the Holt-Marcal has a Water Ski and Leisure Centre, but the city also has a spa, thermal and adventure baths called Rába-Quelle, as well as the super Mobilis Fantasy interactive exhibition centre. In the evening, head over to Nyúl to a local winery to experience the potential of the local vineyards for yourself!


2. day tour

In the morning, visit the cellar row carved into the “gorge” on the edge of Nyúl. You can hike to the renovated lookout tower on Lila Hill, one of the hills of the amusingly named Nyúl Alps. Then dedicate the day to the many activities awaiting you in and around the Archabbey of Pannonhalma.

The building itself is already impressive, as is the view from the parapet, the 19th-century library, the Romanesque sub-church, the 15th-century bell tower, the Gothic Basilica and of course the almost six hectares of lavender fields in the herb garden in summer. There’s also a gift shop and distillery with plenty of lavender oil gifts on offer. Don’t miss the 22-hectare arboretum and the Boldog Mór lookout, from which you can also see the northern part of the Bakony Range in clear weather, the canopy nature trail, which can also be accessed by wheelchair, the cosy abbey café and the restaurant also run by the abbey, where you can enjoy a relaxing, delicious lunch after visiting all the above. Y

ou can then visit the abbey cellar for a guided tasting to learn about the abbey wines and hear some interesting stories about them.


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