Sopron Wine District

1. day tour

If you only have one day in the wine district, then basically dedicate it to the city of Sopron, which in itself offers enough attractions for several days. Discover the city centre, the iconic Fire Tower building, the baroque statue of the Holy Trinity, the Storno House, the medieval synagogue and the Castle District. Pleasantly tired from this long walk, enjoy lunch in a city centre restaurant, some of which are members of SVÉT, the association of stylish rural restaurants.

After lunch, visit the renowned Sopron Chocolate Workshop, where you can buy something to take home as a gift or sit down at one of the tables with coffee and cakes before learning the secrets of chocolate making on a guided tour. In the afternoon, visit Fertőrákos, where you can visit several wineries and taste through their wines.

However, it’s also worth walking out to one of the harbours on the shores of Lake Fertő, known as Lake Neusiedl in Austria, to admire the sailboats and the sunset. Finish off the day in the restaurant of a Fertőrákos winery, where you can bid the wine district farewell with a wine dinner.


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