Tokaj Wine District

1. day tour

In the morning, take a long walk through the old town of the wine district’s eponymous town, Tokaj, and visit the World Heritage Wine Museum, where you can discover the wine district and learn about all the wine regions in the world that have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To find out more about the town’s former Greek wine merchants, visit the Tokaj Museum, a restored Greek merchant’s house.

After the museum visits, have a coffee on Bethlen Gábor Street, the town’s main street, and continue your walk to the former synagogue, now a cultural centre. Once you tire of walking, have lunch in one of the inns in the town centre or on the waterfront. After lunch, visit the spectacular vineyards on Tokaj Hill, climb up as high as possible though the vineyards, from where you can see far into the distance and taste a glass of wine there in the vineyards which supplied the grapes for it.

After this, visit the Rákóczi Cellar in the town centre, where legend has it, János Szapolyai was elected king by public gathering, and enjoy a wine tasting here or in one of the town’s numerous cellars. If you like, you can certainly find a suitable restaurant for dinner in Tokaj, but many wineries also offer hot meals.


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