Tokajicum Winehouse


Established in 2002
Vineyard area 21 ha
Production (bottles) 180000


Tokaj Wine District

H-3915, Tarcal, Külterület 1.
Opening hours may change temporarily! Please contact the winery directly!

Only occasionally open to visitors!


Our winery was established in 2002 in Tarcal, where our meditarranean wine house was built. We grows grapes in several different vinyards around Tarcal and Mád. The rich and various soils give a very wide variety options when we prepare our wines. All vinyards have vines above 40 years of age. We believe that the natural yield reduction of the old vines together with the rich volcanic soil grants a unique combination for the production of high quality wines. Our range is quite wide from the single vineyard premium dry Furmints to the late harvest dessert wines and wine specialities e.g. Aszú. We are characterized by our outstanding packaging concepts what always find a good echo with our customers. We offer flexible packaging options. Our first flagship was a fruity late harvest, dessert wine, Kedves, what was wrapped in a decor packing and became popular among our costumers. Later we put our Szamorodni and Aszú in a gift box with ceramic wine cooler and goose liver pottery.


Wine Tasting

max. 20 ppl

Cellar tour

max. 20 ppl

Private parking

Wine types

White winesSárgamuskotály, Furmint, Hárslevelű
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