Balaton-Highlands Wine District

1. day tour

In the morning, discover Fekete Hill in the Kál Basin, climb up to the Eötvös Lookout Tower and admire the landscape, where huge herds of grey cattle once grazed, from above. Wander back down through the almond trees and rows of vines to Köveskál, sip a refreshing fruit cordial on a terrace or in a grassy courtyard under the sunshades, taste wine in one of the countless wineries, check out the town’s well with its laundry house and finally have lunch in one of the local restaurants, accompanied by local wines. In the afternoon, visit the Salföld Manor, where you can see a demonstration of the animal husbandry once typical of the Kál Basin, and then head to Sümeg. After visiting the castle, visit the Bishop’s Palace under the castle as well as the Baroque old town and then enjoy a wine tasting at a Sümeg winery. The best experience is to taste wines made from the special grape varieties cultivated below the castle! Spend the evening in Sümeg.


2. day tour

In the morning, you can enjoy a really extreme experience if you descend into the Csodabogyós Cave in Balatonederics. But beware, it’s not a cave with paths! Afterwards, taste some wine in a winery in Nemesvita and marvel at the village’s medieval layout, then visit the Festetics Palace in Keszthely, which you can also do on a night-time guided tour in the summer. If you still have time and energy, there’s the Balaton Museum too. Have lunch in Keszthely and in the afternoon, take a dip in Lake Balaton or Lake Hévíz. Spend the night in Keszthely and enjoy the evening in a local winery.


3. day tour

Visit the Rezi Castle in the morning and then taste some wines in a winery in Lesencefalu. From here, head back to Sümeg, the birthplace of Sándor Kisfaludy and then visit the former bauxite mine in Nyirád near Csabrendek – it’s a really worthwhile sight! Have lunch in Köveskál, then in the afternoon, cycle or walk to neighbouring Szentbékkálla, where you can visit the stone sea with its moveable stone and then stroll around this beautiful little village and bid the Kál Basin and the Balaton Highlands wine district farewell with some locally produced wines in a Szentbékkálla winery.


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