Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine District

1. day tour

In the morning, visit the centre of Balatonfüred, walk along the Tagore promenade on the waterfront, visit the Jókai Mór Memorial House, the Vaszary Gallery, the Sailing Museum and the Bodorka Visitor Centre, then have lunch at a wine bar in one of the well-known local wineries near the waterfront in the town centre. In the afternoon, visit the former synagogue, which now commemorates famous Hungarians of Jewish origin with its exhibition, then head to Lóczy Cave and round off the day with dinner and wine tasting on the terrace of a nearby winery. Alternatively, you could enjoy some wine tasting while sailing on the lake, as several wineries organise such activities.


2. day tour

Visit Sajkod Bay in the morning and paddle in the still calm water with only kayaks gliding by, admiring Lake Balaton’s last and only natural bay, where the forest still descends to the lake in some places.

Then visit Tihany Abbey, shout loudly at the echo stone on Echo Hill and listen to your voice rebounding off the northern wall of the abbey and enjoy some cake on the abbey’s terrace, before walking to the Panopticon of the Hungarian Kings.

Have lunch in Tihany, then visit the National Park presentation centre, the Lavender House, where you can learn about the history of the Tihany Peninsula. If you are visiting in early summer, you can even take part in a lavender harvest. After visiting the monks’ caves and the geyser cones, end the day with a wine tasting in a winery in Aszófő.


3. day tour

Visit the heart-shaped carved tombstones in the Balatonudvari cemetery, followed by the Hegyestű geological exhibition centre in Monoszló, at the top of Tagyon Hill. One side of the former volcanic butte was excavated as a quarry, thus revealing the hill’s internal structure and the basalt solidified into columns.

Then taste some wines in a winery on the side of Tagyon Hill, head to Dörgicse, visit the ruined churches and admire the masterpieces of folk architecture and, finally, don’t miss the Lavender Farm. There are also several wineries in Dörgicse, so you can even organise some wine tasting here.

Then visit the Kinizsi Castle in Nagyvázsony and head to Veszprém at the end of the day. As well as the sights in the city centre, there is also a zoo as well as popular music programmes and theatre performances in summer, so you can bid farewell to the Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine District with a cultural programme, a city walk and dinner.


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