Csongrád Wine District

1. day tour

In the morning, take a walk on the banks of the Tisza in Csongrád, among the old houses, none of which house either a restaurant or inn, and discover the huge natural beach opposite the mouth of the Körös River. You can also walk along the Tisza-Köröszug hiking trail, which not only crosses the river via the Csongrád wooden bridge, but also passes by the ruins of the 11th-century Benedictine monastery next to the Mámai-Holt-Tisza in Elléspart.

After lunch, head to Csongrád-Bokros, where there are countless wineries awaiting lovers of fruity wines grown on sand soil! You can spend the evening in Csongrád or on the other side of the Tisza in Szentes, whose town centre also warrants a long stroll and has plenty of restaurants to round off the day appropriately.


2. day tour

In the morning, jump in the car and head to the Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park, where you can admire the Feszty cyclorama, take a walk in the open-air museum and watch a 3D animated film about the history of Hungary. From here, drive to Mindszent, where you can take a ferry across the Tisza.

If you have lunch in Mindszent in the traditional inn or one of the snack bars on the Tisza beach, you can even have a quick dip before lunch. Heading south along the river from here, you pass Mártély, where the Holt-Tisza is also worth a quick detour, before reaching Hódmezővásárhely. You can easily spend the rest of the afternoon in the town, where you can also visit the János Tornyai Museum and learn about the horrors of communism through the history of the town in its Memorial.

If you want to see something really interesting, then visit the “Stone Wall”, i.e. the flood protection wall, built along the shoreline of the former Hód Lake. It’s worth ending the day in one of the many restaurants in Hódmezővásárhely, making sure you ask for wine from the Great Plain to enjoy with your food.


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