Csongrád Wine District

1. day tour

Start the day in Mórahalom among the models of the Park of a Thousand Years and then visit a nearby winery. Have lunch in Szeged and stroll around the city’s sights. Don’t miss the iconostasis of the Serbian Orthodox Church of St Nicholas and the city’s Art Nouveau architecture, characterised by such buildings as the Deutsch, Ungár-Mayer, Reök and Gróf palaces.

If you are with children, you should definitely plan to visit the Szeged Game Park, where there are not only activities during the day, but you can also help feed the animals at night. The Southern Great Plain is a region of spas; Szeged’s Napfényfürdő Aquapolis is perfect for an afternoon’s relaxation, as are the shady promenades of the adjacent Liget.

Spend the night in Szeged, where there is plenty of accommodation to choose from.


2. day tour

Early risers should visit the Horthy Boat House in the morning, where you can rent a kayak and paddle against the current to the Szeged residents’ popular recreational spot, the “Sárga” (Yellow), where after a quick dip and a coffee, you can then turn back and drift into the city as it awakens.

Then visit the town of Makó, not only because of the famous Makó onions, but also because of the attractions of the riverside Maros Adventure Park. After lunch, visit Imre Makovecz’s wonderful architectural work, the Makó Hagymatikum Spa.

Another interesting activity is visiting the Kübeker Manufactury in Kübekháza, where they serve up their famous local biscuits along with coffee and soft drinks. Spend the evening in Makó or back in Szeged.


3. day tour

Visit Hódmezővásárhely in the morning, stroll around the town centre, then rent a bike and cycle out to the nearby farms towards Mártély or relay in the Borbála Baths in Algyő, one of the area’s hidden gems. After lunch in Hódmezővásárhley, visit the artists’ colony near the Holt-Tisza in Mártély, then cross the Tisza, passing Szegvár and Szentes, and relax on Csongrád’s beach at the mouth of the Körös river.

From here, the farming world of Csongrád-Bokros near the town is just a short detour. You can bid farewell to the Csongrád Wine District and the area’s winemakers with a wine tasting and a final view of the vineyards, not forgetting to buy some wine, of course.


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