Eger Wine District

1. day tour

Take the ten-station, new nature and landscape study trail through the red glowing smoke trees in autumn to climb Nagy-Eged Hill, which offers a stunning panorama of Eger and its surroundings.

Walk down through the vineyards clinging to the hill’s southern slope, the country’s highest viticultural area, and enjoy the magnificent view of this bucolic landscape. On your return, relax on the terrace of a nearby wine estate, where in good weather, you can not only enjoy wine, but could also splash around or go on a cellar tour and tasting at the iconic winery in Noszvaj. In the afternoon, stay in Noszvaj and visit the De La Motte Palace and the Noszvaj Cave Dwellings where you can also book dinner and accommodation.


2. day tour

Visit Szomolya in the morning. The Szomolya Beehive Study Trail sets off from the western outskirts of the village and presents the natural and cultural-historical values of the nature reserve. After the tour, ask after the village’s iconic fruit, the short-stemmed Szomolya black cherry – there is even a festival in its honour.

After lunch, visit Egerszalók’s famous winery and, of course, taste its wines, before recharging your batteries in the Saliris Resort thermal bath in Egerszalók or the Cascade cave bath in Demjén. For dinner, head to Eger’s trendy wine bar or a local winery offering dining options.


3. day tour

In the morning, visit Eger Castle, followed by Eger Basilica. If you have lunch at a winery, you can combine some wine tasting with a gourmet experience and still have time in the afternoon for the sights north of Eger, such as the medieval monastery in Bélapátfalva or the beautiful landscape of the Szalajka Valley and Szilvásvárad, where you can bid farewell to the Eger Wine District with a trout dinner.

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