Neszmély Wine District

1. day tour

In the morning, explore Tata, the wine district’s centre. The sights are all around Tata’s Öreg Lake, so the sporty can walk or cycle around the lake, visiting the castle, Esterházy Palace and the Czifra Mill. This is a pleasant activity for all ages, and you can also stop for lunch along the lake shore.

After lunch, visit Csúcsos Hill, which rises above nearby Tatabánya, where the Gerecse breaks into the Tata Basin with a hundred-metre-high cliff. This is also home to the country’s most famous Turul monument and the huge vents of the Selim Cave. The area is all well accessible for those with prams, ideal for a pleasant walk in the forest.

The nearby Gate of Gerecse Visitor Center is also worth a visit! Then, in the afternoon, it’s time to discover one of the wineries and enjoy some wine. Baj, where there are many small wineries in the vineyards, is closest to Tata, but you can also head to Kocs. If you still have some time and energy for a short drive, then visit the wineries of Dunaszentmiklós or Neszmély, where you can discover nationally renowned wineries too.


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