Szekszárd Wine District

1. day tour

Discover the craftsmen and local producers of Szekszárd by visiting the Gingerbread Museum, where you can learn how to make gingerbread, and then visit the open workshop of folk wood carver György Törő, which is also a folk playhouse. After lunch, relax and enjoy a coffee at the town’s nationally renowned café, then sign up for a jeep tour of Szekszárd and Decs, exploring the famous gorges, i.e. loess roads, and the town’s several hundred-year-old Kadarka bush vines.

You could also end the day in Szálka, where you can relax with a wine tasting and dinner, but in Szekszárd, there are increasingly wonderful wineries welcoming visitors too.


2. day tour

In the morning, head to Decs and visit the Country House, where you can discover the history and traditions of Sarköz, and then walk to the Doll Museum, where you can learn about regional folk costumes. Spend the rest of the day in Gemenc, where you can visit the Pörböly Visitor Centre before exploring this unique water forest, especially rich in big game - by canoe, excursion boat, narrow-gauge railway, bicycle or on foot.

After relaxing in Gemenc, you can head to Bátaszék to visit another winery and, returning to Szekszárd, can conclude your wine district trip with a wonderful wine dinner.

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