Tolna Wine District

1. day tour

In the morning, visit the Nuclear Energy Museum of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, where you can not only learn everything about the power plant, but also nuclear energy itself. The exhibition is really interesting for both young and old. Then head into the centre of Paks, making sure to visit Sárgödör Square, where traditional Swabian press houses and cellars line the sides of the two intertwined, oval squares. You can have lunch in a winery here and taste the wines of Paks and even view the small sanctuary in the cellar before moving on to the southern parts of the wine region. Discover the market town of Tolna, which once lay next to the living river and was an important Danube port of the age, welcoming German settlers who arrived by river in the 1700s.

Today, its old silk factory houses a museum, but it’s also worth taking kids to visit the town’s Blue Dying Workshop and the MAG House Tourist Visitor Centre. To the south, there are villages such as Bogyiszló, famous for its paprika, and to the north, Fadd, famous for its Danube backwater.

Combine the two if you can, starting with a long summer swim in the Danube in Fadd, then head to Györköny, where you can relax in a truly wonderful Swabian village, taste wine with local winemakers, or even visit a renowned palinka distillery.


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