Balatonboglár Wine District

1. day tour

Start the day at the southeastern tip of the wine district, in Kaposvár, a town built on seven hills. The town’s leisure pool, Virágfürdő, is great fun in both summer and winter, the Rippl-Rónai Villa built on Rome Hill is one of the country’s most beautiful museums, while the Gergely Csiky Theatre awaits its esteemed audience not only with its beautiful Art Nouveau building but also with its nationally acclaimed company. This is so much the case that if you can book your accommodation in Kaposvár, then it’s worth checking out its theatrical performances as your evening entertainment! After lunch, visit the Deseda Adventure Forest, or Kalanderdő, then the István Fekete Visitor Centre and if you have some time left, you won’t be disappointed by the Szenna open-air museum, from where you can visit the Zselic Star Park after dinner and discover the wonders of the universe, providing the weather is clear. Stay the night in Kaposvár.


2. day tour

Heading north from Kaposvár, stop off for a dip at the Igal Spa in the morning, have lunch in Bonnya and then visit Somogydöröcske for its beautifully preserved Swabian folk architecture. After that, stop at the recently beautifully renovated Franciscan monastery in Andocs, visit the church and the clothing exhibition of the statue of Mary and then have lunch in Rádpuszta. After lunch, enjoy some equestrian activities and then visit one of the renowned wineries of Kishegy in Balatonlelle for a wine tasting. Time permitting, you can visit several wineries and then enjoy some traditional fish dishes for dinner in Balatonlelle. Spend the night in either Balatonlelle or Balatonboglár.


3. day tour

Start the day at the Sphere Lookout (Gömbkilátó) in Balatonboglár, where you can admire one of the southern shore’s most beautiful panoramas, then, if you like, you can try out the summer toboggan run in the neighbouring adventure park. Visit the eastern part of the wine district, setting off from the Kakpuszta terminus of the Mesztegnyő light railway and walking along the Tőzike educational trail or in the footsteps of the Lost Steppes. You can find both familiar and rarely seen plant species in the depths of alders and oaks, both young and old, which stand in the place of the former steppes. In spring, you can admire many flowering plant species, including the eponymous spring snowflake. Spend the afternoon in Balatonszárszó, visit the József Attila Memorial House or the Maritime History Museum in Balatonföldvár. Afterwards, visit one of the wineries in Balatonszárszó or Balatonföldvár.


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