Hajós-Baja Wine District

1. day tour

Visit the charming Kalocsa first thing in the morning. The former Danube floodplain has developed into one of the most important paprika production areas in the country. The locals once held the following about Kalocsa paprika, that “the Szeged paprika is more famous, but the Kalocsa is better”. Unfortunately, traditional paprika production has been pushed into the background and given way to large-scale production, although there are refreshing exceptions. And if you would like to learn about the history of paprika production beforehand, then visit the Paprika Museum in Kalocsa as well as the folk art country house. Kalocsa is an archiepiscopal centre and, as such, boasts a beautiful cathedral! After visiting the church, it’s also worth visiting the Archbishop’s Palace, which houses the Astriceum Archbishop’s Museum. In the event of bad weather, the Csajda Bath is an ideal place to relax, even for the entire day. For lunch, seek out a restaurant or fish frier’s in the harbour at Foktő. Then head to the Hajós cellar village, where you can easily while away the whole afternoon. Stroll along the winding streets between over a thousand press houses, visit the Cabernet Wine Tourism Visitor Centre and sample some Hajós wines from two or three cellars.


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