Hajós-Baja Wine District

1. day tour

Start the day in Császártöltés, where you can visit the Red Marsh educational trail (you can also request a guide from the Kiskunság National Park) and then hike along the Ancient trail, which also leads to the cellar rows. The loess western edge of the Hátság between the Danube and the Tisza rises 10-20m steeply above the Danube Valley for more than 10 km between Császártöltés and Kecel. This region, the Kalocsa Sárköz, was one of the areas of the country richest in stagnant waters. One of the last heralds of this once rich aquatic world is the central part of today’s protected wetlands – the so-called Őrjeg, the Red Marsh. After your tour, visit Nemesnádudvar, where you can while away the afternoon with lunch and wine tastings, walking from cellar to cellar.


2. day tour

In the morning, visit the Cabernet Wine Tourism Visitor Centre in the Hajós cellar village and taste some wines in two or three cellars. Have lunch in the Foktő harbour and then visit the Astriceum Archbishop’s Museum in Kalocsa housed in the Archbishop’s Palace, and if you’d like to learn about the history of paprika production, then head to the Kalocsa Paprika Museum and the folk art country house, before spending the afternoon in the pools of the Csajda Bath. In the evening, continue to Borota, where you can spend the night in one of the most famous cellars in the wine district, naturally with delicious snacks and a wine tasting.


3. day tour

Head to Baja in the morning and let yourself be captivated by the town’s Mediterranean atmosphere. Visit the Bácska Palace of Culture, the Franciscan Monastery Church, the Synagogue (now the town library) and the Greek Orthodox Church, each more beautiful than the other, demonstrating well the former cultural and denominational wealth of Baja! Be sure to try the famous Baja fish soup paired with Kadarka wine for lunch and in the afternoon either paddle along the Sugovica or visit the István Nagy Gallery. Then visit the Hajós cellar village, where you can bid farewell to the wine district and the largest cellar village in Europe with a wine tasting.


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