Hajós-Baja Wine District

1. day tour

Start your morning at the Paprika Museum in Bátya, which not only showcases the village’s turn-of-the-century folk costumes but also the past, traditional cultivation and processing of this noble spice, demonstrating its present too through the paprika processing plant. From here, head to Hajós to visit the local history and wine history exhibition and the Catholic church in the Baroque Palace. Have lunch at one of the wineries, then stroll through the magnificent cellar village and taste some Hajós wines, not forgetting to call into the Cabernet Wine Tourism Visitor Centre. Book your accommodation for the night in Császártöltés, where you can end the day with a wine dinner.


2. day tour

If you are in a sporty mood, arrange at your accommodation to rent a canoe in the morning, starting from Nemesnádudvar on the Dunavölgy main canal, maybe paddle to the next settlement, ending up in Sükösd in one direction or the Hajós cellar village in the other. If you’d rather stay on dry land, then take a walk around the cellars which grew up organically in the village and taste the local winemakers’ wines. Head to Baja for lunch, where if you’d like something more cultural, then you could take in the István Nagy Gallery. However, Baja has much more on offer, as its Mediterranean atmosphere makes it a pleasant town to stroll around, especially since one of the Danube’s tributaries, the Sugovica, winds all the way through the town centre. Visit the Bácska Palace of Culture, the Franciscan Monastery Church, the Synagogue (now the town library) and the Greek Orthodox Church, each more beautiful than the other, demonstrating well the former cultural and denominational wealth of Baja! There is a monument to famous native of Baja, István Türr on the banks of the Danube, while the Éber Memorial House preserves the memories of the Éber family in the town. Weather permitting, you can sunbathe on Petőfi Island or swim in the pleasantly warm waters of the Sugovica.


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