Pécs Wine District

1. day tour

Dedicate the day to the city of Pécs, which can happily occupy you for the entire day thanks to its many sights! In the morning, stroll around the city centre and discover the sights of Pécs, such as the early Christian tombs, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the best-preserved Turkish church in the country, the Gázi Kászim pasha mosque, the Pécs Cathedral and the bishopric. Alternatively, art lovers could visit the Vasarely and Csontváry museums, and if you fancy a short walk and some fresh air, you could make a trip to Havihegy and the old almond tree named Tree of the Year in 2019. Lunch represents no problem in Pécs either, as there are numerous restaurants and cafés in the city centre.

Spend the afternoon first at the Littke Sparkling Wine House’s visitor centre and then in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. Afterwards, visit the Research Institute of Viticulture and Oenology of the University of Pécs, whose estate centre surrounded by vineyards offers a truly majestic view, and ask the chief winemaker about the history of the famous Pécs Cirfandli, its sweet and dry versions as well as the latest Pécs sparkling wines. After a full, informative tasting, it is definitely worth visiting a winery in Pécs to get a better picture of the wine district’s viticultural and winemaking traditions, before having dinner in the city, unless the winery has hot food on offer.

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