Pécs Wine District

1. day tour

If you are curious about the Ottoman era, the Pécs area is a real goldmine. So, spend the morning in Szigetvár, visiting the castle, which still preserves the memory of Miklós Zrínyi’s heroic deed, as well as the heart of Suleiman I, who died here. Then visit the Caravanserai, the Ali Pasha Mosque and the Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Park before having lunch at a local restaurant. Spend the afternoon relaxing in the pools of the Szigetvár Spa, then head back to Pécs in the evening and enjoy an organised wine tasting and dinner in a vineyard. The city also boasts numerous accommodation options.


2. day tour

In the morning, visit the Abaliget Cave and Bat Museum. Then make a hike along the surrounding hiking trails and head to Orfű, where after lunch, you can bathe at one of the beaches of Lake Orfű, depending on the weather, or visit the mills, the Masonry Oven Courtyard, where you can learn all about the country’s different masonry ovens, oven-baked dishes and traditions, or the Country House, where you can learn about the traditions of the Mecsek Hills and visit the interactive Wild Garlic Room. The Orfű Mills present three types of mills and bake loaves in the miller’s oven, which you can taste in the museum’s café. Round off the evening again in Pécs with a wine dinner.


3. day tour

In the morning, visit the Mohács National Memorial, then take a walk around Mohács, visiting the Danube bank and Local Lenten Carnival Museum, the Busó Museum. You could also have lunch here or on a nearby vineyard hill and then head to a winery in Mohács where you can enjoy a wine tasting. Afterwards, visit the White Stork Museum in Kölked, the blue dyers in Nagynyárád or the traces of the Roman limes by the Danube in Dunaszekcső, but If the tamburas appear during the afternoon wine tasting in Mohács, you probably won’t have time for the latter programmes. Just be careful that you don’t end up staying in the cellar for another day as a result of the wonderful hospitality, although the next day, you could at least go catfishing in Ladik in the Old Danube.

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