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Six traditional wine regions, six fresh messages

The Hungarian wine regions have gained a new wine tourism image with related lotos and slogans.

The birth of the Hungarian Wine Personally brand marked the launch of uniform Hungarian wine communication. The collective use of this brand over the past two years has conveyed a message about all our wine producers, i.e. the attentive, modern attitude of producers in all our diverse winegrowing regions. Moreover, what can be understood by the motto Personally has not changed since then:

  1. The creator, the winemaker and the winemaking visionaries who define the wines to be made and their style remain at the heart of the umbrella brand.
  2. One of the main virtues of our wine regions is their diversity, which gives wine lovers the freedom to choose their own personal favourites.
  3. Finally, an integral part of the brand message is the value of visiting the wine districts in person and having the unrivalled experience of discovering the wines where they are made.

This message system has now been complemented by six new images, which introduce Hungary’s six traditional wine regions to the public, inviting them to set off and explore them.

The short slogans and corresponding icons combine the tourist attractions of each wine region with the promise of a wine experience.

6 wine regions, 6 new wine tourism logos

The Balaton’s theme of Vibrance, wines, sails reflects the region’s unique atmosphere,

the Upper Pannon region’s trio of Faith, wine, culture is the distinctive slogan for its wine districts,

the Pannon region’s motto Valleys, wines, sunshine refers to it being the home of Mediterranean-style wines and emotions,

the Danube region’s slogan Flavours, wines, cellar rows refers to the region’s traditional Hungarian cuisine and unusual cellar villages,

the Tokaj wine region’s best-known unique values are conveyed by Vineyards, wines, heritage,

the Upper Hungary region’s topographical features and legendary past are highlighted by Mountains, wines, history.

The three-word messages end with the familiar moto from the original slogan: “and you”. This suggests that values become an experience when you experience them in person during your trip to these wine districts. The six wine regions are united by a common wine tourism message: Landscapes, wines, legends and You.

All Hungarian wineries are free to use the logos detailed above and the messaging system. They can be displayed on winery premises, in their brochures, online interfaces and at events. You can download the accompanying design handbook in Hungarian and English from the site’s Press & Media section.

The wine tourism brochures and maps based on the new design are now available for download on the winesofhungary.hu website and in printed form from the offices of the Tourinform network, inviting both international and domestic audiences to set off on their travels.

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