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Wine events in Hungary for the second half of the year

Get your calendars ready because important dates are coming up. Although in recent years we have become accustomed to nothing being set in stone, it looks like the following events will definitely take place. Here is a non-exhaustive list of wine events for the second half of the year.

Balatonfüred Wine Week – Balaton Wine Region

5-28th August


When August comes, we need to experience the atmosphere of Balatonfüred Wine Week. This long-established event was created to celebrate the excellent wines of the Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine District in a fitting way. The winegrowers welcome guests for three weeks in their cosy wine booths on the Tagore promenade. Balatonfüred's most popular gastronomic festival offers 8-12 different wines per winery, with a total of around 300 wines to choose from.


Photo: www.facebook.com/balatonfurediborhetek/


Wine Days in Budafok - Budapest

2-4th September


26 wineries, 4 venues, 3 days, exciting music bands, fantastic speakers, special wine tastings, unique programmes. Wine and sparkling wine geeks, lovers of gastronomy and culture, as well as all those who want to relax with the family will celebrate together in the wine quarter of Budapest.

Photo: www.facebook.com/BudafokiPincejarat


Mád Furmint Festival – Tokaj Wine Region

2-4th September


A real wine celebration in one of Tokaj’s most admired villages. That's the promise of the people of Mád, who are inviting the country to take a peek into their finest estates this year to share their most interesting stories. They will take us to places where the uniqueness, temperament, creativity and skill of the wineries ensure a good atmosphere, great programmes and respect for tradition. Special wines, unforgettable gastronomic experiences, colourful programmes and hospitable people from Mád. Let’s celebrate in Mád on 2nd and 3rd September.



Budapest Wine Festival - Budapest

8-11th September


For more than three decades now, one of the biggest wine festivals in Budapest was held every year at the Buda Castle. Magnificent historic sites, spectacular views, excellent wines. What better way to start autumn. Last year, nearly 25,000 people attended the four-day event, and this year the festival will once again welcome guests offering hundreds of different wines to taste at Hungary’s best wineries, gastronomic delights and concerts on several stages.



Winelovers 100 - Budapest

17th September


In mid-September, the Corinthia Hotel will be the place to be for wine lovers to savour Hungary's best of the best, following the release of the newest “Winelovers 100 - The 100 Best Hungarian Wines” catalogue. More than 100 exhibitors will take part in the event, with 100 top-listed wines and a further 59 wines from the publication to taste, as well as another 70 wines from award-winning wineries. If all this is not enough, there will also be pop-up tastings at no additional cost.


Photo: wineloversrendezvenyek.hu/winelovers-100/


Villány Red Wine Festival – Pannon Wine Region, Villány

30th September – 2nd October


The Villány Red Wine Festival, the biggest gastronomic event in the Villány Wine District (Pannon Wine Region), will be held in the town of Villány on the first weekend of October. For three days, from Friday to Sunday, events will take place at the wine cellars and the event area, with a variety of musical and folk-art performances and a harvest parade, as well as cultural and gastronomic delights. Of course, the best wines of the region will be on offer for visitors to taste.


Photo: www.facebook.com/BorFesztVillany


November of Bordeaux Grand Tasting - Budapest

12th November


This event is not about the famous French wine region but its varieties, which are widely planted in Hungary, too: “Winelovers” focuses on Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot varieties as well as blends made from these in Hungary. More than 60 wineries and 150 wines, top dishes, pop up presentations and a prize draw await guests. Make the November of Bordeaux Grand Tasting the most exciting day of the end of this Fall.


Photo: wineloversrendezvenyek.hu/bordoi-november/


International Aszú Day

10th December


On 10th December Tokaj Aszú will be celebrated the fifth time in row, this year. And not only in Hungary, as the holiday is international and its aim is to make this wonderful national treasure known and loved as widely as possible. On this day, a number of restaurants and wine shops will be offering Tokaji Aszú specials, but the day is also about getting as many people as possible to taste a glass of our liquid gold in their homes. Don’t forget to share your experience using the hashtag #aszuday.


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