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Programmes for January and February

The new year has started off sometimes gloomy, sometimes sunny, but with unseasonably mild weather. Not only does the weather allow for excursions and hiking, but it also feels really good to get out and explore our wine regions, leaving the laziness of the holiday season behind.

In addition, wine communities have planned a wide variety of attracting programmes to fill our trip with great wines, gastronomic experiences and cultural programmes, as well as St. Vincent Day celebrations and carnivals. Wherever you're heading, it's always worth making a detour to the wine region nearest to your destination and planning with a winery visit, an exciting wine tasting or a vineyard tour to make your days of recharging even more colourful.

Let's start with Vince Day (Vince is the Hungarian name for St Vincent), as on 22 January (and throughout the weekend, of course), no matter which vineyard you look at in the country, you can be sure to find a celebration in honour of the patron saint of wine. According to the many different rhymes that predict the expected crop (literal translation of one of these: “Bright Vince, full cellar / Foggy Vince, empty cellar”), the vine grower should prepare for a better or worse harvest according to the weather on Vince day. This cult also involves the consecration of the vine, and cutting of a vine stem, putting it in water and watching if it sprouts, to predict the quality of the next harvest. These traditions are revived throughout the country and are accompanied by exciting cultural and gastronomic events. In the list below, click on the town to navigate to the programme page, so you're just a few clicks away from planning your weekend:










If February, then... which grape variety? The Furmint! Numerous tasting events, celebrations and winemaking initiatives have contributed to the fact that February is so often mentioned with Furmint, even across our borders. So let’s honour this autochthonous Hungarian variety by attending a tasting event focusing on the Furmint. You don't even have to leave the capital to do so, as the Furmint February Grand Tasting will once again be held at the House of Traditions in Buda, on 2 February. There will also be plenty of Furmints at the Borjour Magnum also held in the capital, on 18 February, where all relevant Hungarian grape varieties will be on display at the winemakers’ stands in the Congress Centre.

There will be a number of other themed events in the coming weeks. On 26 January, Budapest will host top wineries and their top wines from Eger Wine District at the Borjour Eger Superior. If you are heading westwards from the capital, don't stop until the town of Kőszeg, where a Carnival Masquerade Wine Tour awaits visitors on 18 February (do not forget to dress up in a costume!)... It's also worth putting in your agenda the Lelle Gastronomic Carnival on 4 February, where every year brilliant wineries, restaurants and confectioners of the southern shore of Lake Balaton come together to start the year with a good taste.

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